Happy Residential !

I hope all the pupils and staff have a fantastic residential, especially after all the hard work this year.

I am delighted to hear that Jack is improving and hope he makes a swift and full recovery. He is in our thoughts and prayers.

Josie Simms


SAT’s week

Good Evening everyone ,

I just want to say that I hope all of our Year 6 children are enjoying this week and wish you the very best of luck in your SATs, you and your teachers are all in my thoughts and prayers this week.

Don’t forget to relax! Be there to support each other and remember that no matter what happens we are all very special and talented in our own different ways so don’t worry, best of luck to you all!


Take Care,



It was lovely to see our St. Columba’s staff, children and their families at Mass on Sunday and as usual the children contributed to Father Chris’ service and made us all smile. I hope you have all had a very happy Easter holiday.

Claire Gustafson

Year 4 Trip

Have a fantastic adventure on your class trip today. Hope you learn lots of new skills and that the rain goes off for you. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures. Big thank you to our teachers and helpers for taking the children today.

Claire Gustafson