Wonderful afternoon!

I spent a wonderful afternoon in school today. First of all Miss Evans showed Mrs Russell, Mr D’Arcy and myself ¬†around most of the classes; we were so impressed. The classes and corridors have spectacular displays, all very impressive and interesting. The pupils welcomed us with big smiles and showed us what they had been learning recently by answering questions and showing us work in their books.

After our tour, we went into the hall to watch the Year Six play. The Lion King is my favourite Disney, I went to see the play in London several years ago, but I enjoyed the St Columba’s version much more! Such talent! The singing, dancing, acting, costumes and scenery were all fantastic. The audience loved every minute.

Thank you very much for such an enjoyable afternoon.

Josie Simms



Good Luck Eveybody!

Hello everyone,

I just want to wish all of the children and staff in Years 2 and 6 the best of luck with our Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs results today, I hope all of your hard work and your teacher’s hard work has helped you gain the best results you can achieve.

I will be thinking of you all and will keep my fingers crossed!

Take care.


Read for the Stars

Congratulations to all our ‘read for the stars’ winners this week. Hope you have enjoyed your picnic outside, it’s been such a lovely day for you all. Keep up the fantastic work and most of all enjoy reading lots of new books at school and at home with your families.

” The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go” -Dr.Seuss

Claire Gustafson


Happy Residential !

I hope all the pupils and staff have a fantastic residential, especially after all the hard work this year.

I am delighted to hear that Jack is improving and hope he makes a swift and full recovery. He is in our thoughts and prayers.

Josie Simms

SAT’s week

Good Evening everyone ,

I just want to say that I hope all of our Year 6 children are enjoying this week and wish you the very best of luck in your SATs, you and your teachers are all in my thoughts and prayers this week.

Don’t forget to relax! Be there to support each other and remember that no matter what happens we are all very special and talented in our own different ways so don’t worry, best of luck to you all!


Take Care,



It was lovely to see our St. Columba’s staff, children and their families at Mass on Sunday and as usual the children contributed to Father Chris’ service and made us all smile. I hope you have all had a very happy Easter holiday.

Claire Gustafson