Governor Update

Hello everyone,

Firstly let me apologise for not being on here for a while, I hope you are all well and enjoying your first term of the school year.

I especially like this time of year the most, I always remember the weeks leading up to Advent and then Christmas being a lovely time in school full of happiness and excitement.

This evening we have held a Full Governor’s Meeting and welcomed our new chair, Mr Fleming. He is a very nice man who, like Mrs Simms did previously, has the very best interests of the school, the staff and especially the pupils at heart and we are all happy for him to lead our Governing body.

I would also like to thank our previous chair Mrs Simms for her dedication and hard work over her two year tenure as chair, you are very much an appreciated member of the Governing body so thank you again.

I look forward to keeping in regular contact with you all, don’t forget if anyone has any questions for myself or any other members of the Governing body please get in touch we are always available to help you whenever possible.

Take Care.

Marc D’Arcy


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