Dove cottage

I visited school on Wednesday and Miss Evans invited me to see the surprise outside.
Dove cottage was a wonderful surprise! It had been opened at lunchtime by Bishop Tom, each class had played a part in decorating it. It looks beautiful. Inside everything is so peaceful, the leaves rustling in the wind and the birds singing can be heard. Noone would think it was so close to a noisy road.
I hope all the children and staff enjoy using this excellent facility. Only the best for St Columba’s children!
Best wishes
Josie Simms


Music in the air.

I visited school on Tuesday, 5th June. Most of the children had gone home as it was about 4pm, but as I walked down one of the corridors I heard some singing and I thought a radio or CD was playing. As I passed the room where the music was, I peeped in ( being a little bit nosey), to my astonishment I found Mrs Walton and the choir!

The singing was really beautiful, the result of a lot of hard work from Mrs Walton and the children. It is much better than many of the choirs which have been on tv. Congratulations to you all! I am looking forward to hearing you again on Awards Day.

Best wishes

Josie Simms



OFSTED Inspection

Good afternoon everyone,

I have just heard that we have “had the call” and are due an OFSTED inspection from tomorrow morning.

Although I have no doubt that our school is an excellent environment for our children to grow and learn both academically and spiritually, I understand this can sometimes be a very busy and uncertain time for all of the staff and pupils so I just want to send my best wishes to everyone. I am sure whoever comes to visit is tomorrow will find our school a warm, safe, nurturing and inspirational place for our always well-bahaved children to study.

I am extremely proud to be both a parent of a pupil here and a member of this Governing Body, an advantage I have of being a Parent Governor is that I see how every single member of staff continuously works really hard to instill our Christian values and school ethos into our children and also create a happy and safe environment for everyone.

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers this evening and for the next 2 days.

Good luck!

Marc D’Arcy.

Carol Service

Wow!! How amazing are the children, staff and families of St.Columba’s. The carol service was brilliant and there are definitely some fantastic actors, dancers and singers amongst our children. Not forgetting our German and French speakers with their version of Silent Night.

Well done to all of you,  especially our brave solo singers. I really don’t know how you manage to prepare these performances as well as doing all your school work. I just loved the finale song for Father Chris and think I prefer your version!

I hope you are all looking forward the Christmas Holidays and I wish each and every one of you a very special, peaceful and happy Christmas.

Love and best wishes

Claire Gustafson

Governor Update

Hello everyone,

Firstly let me apologise for not being on here for a while, I hope you are all well and enjoying your first term of the school year.

I especially like this time of year the most, I always remember the weeks leading up to Advent and then Christmas being a lovely time in school full of happiness and excitement.

This evening we have held a Full Governor’s Meeting and welcomed our new chair, Mr Fleming. He is a very nice man who, like Mrs Simms did previously, has the very best interests of the school, the staff and especially the pupils at heart and we are all happy for him to lead our Governing body.

I would also like to thank our previous chair Mrs Simms for her dedication and hard work over her two year tenure as chair, you are very much an appreciated member of the Governing body so thank you again.

I look forward to keeping in regular contact with you all, don’t forget if anyone has any questions for myself or any other members of the Governing body please get in touch we are always available to help you whenever possible.

Take Care.

Marc D’Arcy


I wish to take this opportunity to inform the staff, pupils and families of St Columba’s that my term of office ends this month. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as Chair of Governors for the past two years. There have been several staff appointments made during this time and the Governing Body has been reconstituted.

The school is going from strength to strength, thanks to the dedication and hard work of Miss Evans and her staff. The school’s Mission Statement and the School Vision are not merely information notices hanging on the walls, the are lived out each day by everyone in the school. Families are confident in the knowledge that their child is well educated, nurtured and loved at St Columba’s.

The election of the Chair of Governors will take place this week and I offer my best wishes and support to the new Chair. I am delighted to remain a Foundation Governor at St Columba’s.

Every good wish,

Josie Simms


Apologies that I could not make it in to the end of year celebrations and prize giving but thank you for my invite. I wanted to wish all staff, children and their families a happy and safe summer break.

Good luck and best wishes to our year 6 children as they move on to secondary school – you will all go on to do amazing things having had a great start with your St.Columba’s family.

Claire Gustafson